Patricio Augusto Zarazaga: Musician - Actor - Dancer - Dramaturge

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September 5, 2012

Our aim is to improve individual wellbeing, sustainable awareness, mutual understanding and strengthening of bonds between different cultures within the community through educational and cultural activities.


Unser Ziel ist die Förderung des persönlichen Wohlbefindens, des nachhaltigen Bewusstseins, des gegenseitigen Verständnisses sowie die Stärkung sozialer Bindungen unter verschiedenen Kulturen in der Gemeinschaft. Diesem Ziel dienen pädagogische und kulturelle Aktivitäten.


Verein für Liverollenspiele

Die Abenteuerritter organisieren Rollenspiele für Kinder und Erwachsene. Wir bieten viele fantastische Erlebnisse und auch individuelle Veranstaltungen an.


+ Performance Crew -

A group of multidisciplinary artist costumed as Tango Vampires create an exciting ambient for events, with their presence and "artistic happenings".

+ Social Clandestine Game - Tango in Blood is a social game that takes place in the tango scene in a clandestine manner, which means that those who are at the selected playground - not playing - shouldn’t know that the game is taking place. Like any "social game" the principal objectives are having fun & entertainment and it tries to build a favorable context for the interaction of people, inspiring dialogs, sharing, and enthusiasm for playing always in a respectful manner. The relationships among players, and also between players and non-players, will be influenced in a positive way. Since the game proposes roles which follow codes of respect and camaraderie.

+ LARP - Once per month at the famous Kitkat Club of Berlin we are incarnating the Vampires in dive in the fantasy world at the "INTIMACY Tango Fantasy Party" - You can join as one of the four kind of basic characters: Wanderer Vampire, Blood Bag (slave), Victim, Vampire of the Tango Clan. For more detailed info check on the LARP Handbook button

+ Tango in Blood Society - Tango Dance Lessons. Find us in Facebook!

March 15, 2013

"Rembrandthaus" is a multidisciplinary atelier, where artist meet to teach, to learn and to share. Among the objectives of this group of people are the following ones: 

+ Change our own value system focusing in gratefulness, love and cooperation+ Inspire others bringing more sustainable awarness in their lives

+ Generate a context where creative ideas come

+ Resolve problems of the society using art as main tool. A highly adaptable space for meeting, working, and creative activities, as well for seminars, workshops, etc.Among the artistic fields involved until now, you can find: Costume Designers, Dramaturgs and actors, Choreographers and dancers, Musicians, Photographers, Architects

April 22, 2013

Innitiative that is focused on the Tango Scene of Berlin. We organize the following activities:


+ Tango Lessons

+ Milongas / Practice

+ Berlin Tango Hostel

+ Music Jam sessions

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